101 Creative DIY Activities for Kids in 2016 – {Easy on the Parents}

101 Fun Activities for Kids

Do you run short of ideas on how to engage, entertain and inspire your kids? It happens with me all the time, remember the summer vacations?

Here’s a list of 101 ideas that I love and am sure will come in handy when you want to do something different with your kids.

1. Do your kids love minions?

Create awesome stone minions in all shapes and sizes. A great activity even for younger kids.

Minion Stones

Image Source: The Mad House

2. Make you own computer

How cool will it be to show your kids how to make a computer? Try out this kit to make them assemble a working computer and teach them the basics of programming. This will surely become a favorite activity of your budding Einstein.

Make A Computer

Image Source: Kano

3. Create your own indoor garden

All kids love to get their hands dirty and making their own indoor garden is bound to excite them. Your kids can learn about the plants and the basics of gardening.

Indoor Garden

Image Source: Delightful Children’s Books

4. Fascinating origami tricks to make the kids go WOW

Origami is like magic. Your kids would love to learn how to make birds, animals, boats and aeroplanes.


5. Treasure hunt in the garden or home

Nothing will excite the kids more than a hidden surprise treasure. Plan a treasure hunt involving the child friendly areas of the house and make 5 clues to help them find a surprise they love.

Treasure Hunt

Image Source: My Kids Adventures

6. Kids painting competition

Clear out an area, get the kids together and let them have fun painting small rocks, mugs, bowls etc. using colors and paint brushes or colored markers and make all the kids win by distributing candies.

Rock Painting

7. Assemble a Solar panel to power a small car

Kids would totally love to try their hand at this cool kit which teaches them about assembling things and also about Solar Power.

Solar Car

8. Learn a magic trick

Magic tricks fascinate one and all. Teach the kids a few easy tricks, dim the lights, give them a hat and let the show begin.

Magic Trick

9. Paper boat for the kids swimming pool

Kids love playing in the pool and if you combine this with making paper boats with A4 or bigger sheets of different sizes and colors, they will have a blast. (Video)

Paper Boat

Image Source: Instructables

10. Make your own mocktail

Let the kids manage the bar for once. Give them different kinds of juices and sodas along with slices of lime, strawberries, salt, black pepper and straws with umbrellas. Let them make colorful mocktails for everyone using these ideas.

Make Cocktail

Image Source: allrecipes

11. One thing that always comes to the rescue is the good old Lego

Inspire your kids to get creative with Lego. These amazing ideas will help your kids unleash their creativity.


Image Source: Frugal Fun for Boys

12. Make a giant bubble wand

Kids love to play with bubbles and they will love it if they can make their own bubble wand and that too for giant bubbles. Help them with preparing soap water and let them have fun.

Giant Bubble

Image Source: LuSa Organics

13. Make a greeting card and envelope

A great way to occupy the kids, make them creative and also make them value other family members is by asking them to make a greeting card or thank you card for any other member of the family and put it in a handmade envelope. Give them sheets of paper, pencils, crayons, colors, paint brushes and glue and let their creativity flow.

Greeting Cards

Image Source: TINKERLAB

14. Post a letter to grandparents, a friend or to family members

In this day and age of the internet, emails and chats, most of our kids don’t even know how it feels to physically post a letter to a loved one. Make the kids write their feelings onto a postcard or a piece of paper, decorate it with drawings, write the recipient’s address, paste a stamp and put it in a letterbox.


Image Source: I Heart Naptime

15. Make a photo frame for a family picture

Making a photo frame for the family picture is something that the kids will love doing and hanging in their bedroom.

Photo Frame

Image Source: Kidsomania

16. Make a sandwich for breakfast

What better way to teach the kids an essential life skill and make them have a ball. Kids love to get messy with food and they will love it if they get a license to do just that. Give them what they need and ask them to make sandwiches for everyone. Life’s good 🙂

Make A Sandwich

Image Source: Super Healthy Kids

17. Mix colors in a transparent bottle to make new colors

Jazz that up a little by mixing watercolors and oil colors together. The kids will love the emergence of new colors and how they auto-separate because oil is lighter. A nice scientific lesson too.

Mix Colors

Image Source: Play Trains

18. Face painting competition

Get some face paints and paint brushes and share some face painting ideas with your kids. Announce a competition and let them decorate each other 🙂

Face Painting Competition

19. Decorate any area of the house

Kids love anything to do with balloons, flowers, lights and confetti. Ask the kids to help you with decorating any area of the house using these decals and let them be as creative as possible.


Image Source: Room for Imagining

20. Basic figures using quilling or paper filigree

Quilling is a fun and creative way to keep the kids busy and also teach them about various shapes and figures. Quilling kits make basic quilling very easy to learn and your kids will show off these figures to all their friends. (Video)

Paper Quilling

Image Source: teach Kids Art

21. Let your growing scientist learn the basics of chemical reactions

Science kits for kids can be used to teach kids about simple science facts and phenomena. A constructive way to spend time.


Image Source: Red Ted Art

22. Make a map of your neighborhood

This is a cool idea that starts with you taking a walk together of your neighborhood. Use a small area and include the birds, pets and landmarks you see on your way. Then come back and let the kids draw a map of everything they saw.

Neighborhood Map

Image Source: Crayola

23. Making bracelets

Your little princess would never miss a chance to show off her new DIY paper bracelet to her friends. (Video)


Image Source: FiberLab

24. Beautiful DIY headbands

An activity your little girl will definitely love. Making beautiful headbands is not very difficult and keeps the kids busy and happy.


25. Make some S’mores

Easy to make, fun and healthy S’mores for your kids.


Image Source: Cooking Classy

26. Make a Frozen Silly Putty

If your kids are also mad about the animated movie Frozen, this DIY “Frozen Silly Putty” will be perfect for them.

Frozen Silly Putty

Image Source: Paging Fun Mums

27. Make a Nameplate for the main door

Give the kids a wooden plank, cardboard or thermocol, markers, some decorating material and ask them to make a Nameplate for the main door. (Video)


28. Aim at a tree or person with water balloons

This one’s the best and most fun for slightly older kids and for younger ones. You’ll find plenty of ideas here.

Water Balloons

29. Decorate a wall

Help the kids decorate a wall in their room but sharing these ideas with them. It could be as simple as hanging their imperfect paintings in an organized manner or more elaborate ideas which need parental guidance.

Decorate a wall

Image Source: Woo Home

30. Picnic/Camping in the backyard

A picnic or camping is fun for the kids even if you’re doing it in your own backyard. Put up a tent, arrange for a barbeque and have a blast using these ideas.


Image Source: The Merrythought

31. Gift wrap any item in the house

A wonderful fun activity for kids of a younger age. Pick out any small item in the house which is not fragile and give the kids a range of colorful and bright gift wrapping papers. Have them wrap these and exchange among each other. (Video)

Gift Wrap

Image Source: Enlightenme

32. Play Name Place Person Thing

A wonderful game that kids can play among themselves for hours on end.

Kids Game

33. Burn a piece of paper using a lens or magnifying glass

One of the first lessons on Sun’s energy apt for a sunny day. Get kids to focus the magnifying glass on a piece of paper concentrating the Sun’s heat on a small point. The paper starts to burn after sometime. Parental guidance advised.

Magnifying Glass

Image Source: Almost Unschoolers

34. Use fabric paint on clothes or toys

Fabric painted stuff is a beautiful reminders of days gone by. Do this activity with the kids and see how they love using their self-designed merchandise.

Fabric Painting

Image Source: The Artful Parent

35. Make a new flavor using different boxes of cornflakes

Put 4 different kinds of cereal in 4 bowls and let them mix and match to make new wow tastes. That’ll definitely give them an extra reason to wake up and demand breakfast. You can add a few bowls of fruit to make it healthier.

Make Breakfast

36. Make a scrapbook and get it signed by 4 neighbors

Kids love scrap books and are likely to keep them safe for years to come. Make it their personal project and let them write their secrets – who they love the most, their best friends, their favorite teachers and more positive stuff that is personal to them. Make a special page for neighbors signature and see them making new friends in the neighborhood.


37. Make each others hair or paint nails

A super-hit with kids is to let them try new hairstyles, make up or paint nails with their Disney Frozen Nail Polish. Show the kids some easy tricks and let them experiment. (Video)

Nail paint

38. Tie towels together or use rope and play tug of war in the backyard

Get all the skinny towels out, tie them together and get the kids to play tug of war. Then let them untie the rope and you get some more time to relax. Or just use the rope 🙂

Tug of War

Image Source: Jen’s Happy Place

39. Clear out clothes/toys to donate or give away

I think activities like this one teach kids to become non-hoarders when they grow up – they learn to find joy in giving and don’t get overly attached to stuff.


Image Source: Forbes

40. Make a hand puppet, sock puppet or muppet

This will buy you hours of fun not once but many times over. Get the kids to make a hand puppet and teach them a few funny dialogues to get the puppet to say and then see them having fun with the puppet.


Image Source: Wikipedia

41. Make a bird feeder to feed birds grain and water

I don’t know about you, but for many years, my older son’s favorite animal was birds and getting him to make a bird feeder was fun and easy. We’ve made it twice and he loves it!

Bird Feeder

Image Source: Crafty Morning

42. Gift small items to all neighbors

Kids can draw or write a message for Mrs. Smith next door and present it with a balloon.

Give Gifts

43. Fly a kite

Ask the kids to make a kite and decorate with drawings and messages and attach a long tail to the kite using confetti or ribbons. Fly it for them and then let them hold the string once it becomes stable.

Fly Kites

Image Source: allwomenstalk

44. Shower and clean the pet

A great way to bring your kids and your pets together and let them play with water and also clean up at the same time. A pet pool will make this activity more fun.

Shower a Pet

Image Source: Care

45. Make a clean dirty dishwasher sign yourself

Help the kids make a DIY Clean Dirty sign for the dishwasher to indicate whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty.

Dishwasher Sign

Image Source: Bright Nest

46. Make your own stickers

Get clear sticker paper for the kids and let them make their own designs and write messages for parents and friends. (Video)


Image Source: Poulette Magique

47. Make figures using toothpicks

An activity which is lots of fun and requires a good amount of concentration and creativity.


Image Source: The Artful Parent

48. Learn how to play cards

There are a number of very interesting card games for kids which can make them have a great time and also sharpen their minds.

Card Games for Kids

Image Source: Today’s Parent

49. Make a simple windmill and run to make it work

A basic windmill is a classic DIY toy which kids love to make and play with. (Video)

Make A Windmill

Image Source: Remodelista

50. Crafts from daily home accessories

Use simple material available in every home and share unique craft ideas with the kids.

Crafts for Kids

Image Source: Learning Through the Clutter

51. Water the plants and learn more about them

Give the kids a tour of the garden area with specific names and details of all plants. Tell them how to take care of the plants which starts by watering them regularly.

Water the Plants

52. Dress up the pet

Make the kids use these ideas and design clothes for the pets in the house.

Dress your Pets

Image Source: Useful DIY

53. Make a wind chime with keys and other metallic trash

A unique DIY activity for kids which can also be used at home later on. The kids will love it every time the wind blows.

DIY Windchimes

Image Source: life by hand

54. Make animals from multicolored clay

Playing with clay is a wonderful activity. Check out how to make some interesting figures using clay and teach the kids. (Video)

Clay Toy

55. Make a collage

Give the kids colorful chart papers to make collages.


Image Source: Artsy Craftsy Mom

56. Paint a t-shirt

Show the kids how to paint their favorite cartoon character on a t-shirt using fabric paints.

Paint A T-Shirt

Image Source: The Artful Parent

57. Make a bookmark

Encourage the kids to start reading by letting them create their own bookmarks using ice cream sticks, cardboard, paper and thread.


Image Source: Architecture Art Design

58. Make your own secret language

Make a code language that no one can break. Follow these steps and make a spoken and written language that only your family understands.

Secret Language

59. Make designs using Clothespins

Choose from these ideas and let the kids experiment and make new designs using clothespins. Clothpins

Image Source: Scissors & Spoons

60. Create your own jigsaw puzzle

Use a big image of an animal or human from the newspaper or any magazine and stick it on a cardboard. Now help the kids cut out small blocks of the cardboard using straight lines. There you have it, a self made jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Image Source: Instructables

61. Learn a simple dance routine

Switch on the music, get into the groove and teach em kids some simple dance moves. (Video)


Image Source: Cool Mom Picks

62. Make a Kaleidoscope

A classic DIY activity for kids which is easy to learn and helps the kids create their own little masterpieces. (Video)


Image Source: Handmade Charlotte

63. Fun Yoga for kids

Anything physical and the kids love it. Teach them some cool Yoga postures which makes them have fun and learn at the same time. Don’t forget to use the yoga mats before they start. (Video)

Kids Yoga

Image Source: Om Sweet Om

64. Make paper flowers and decorate the kids bedroom

Basic art and craft techniques which all kids would love to learn.

Paper Flower

Image Source: Frugal Mama

65. Make yummy cupcakes

Kids are crazy about cupcakes and if you teach them how to make some on their own, you will totally make their day 🙂


Image Source: Yuppie Chef

66. Make a money bank from a shoe box

Its best to teach the kids about saving right from the start. Use stuff available in all households and teach them how to make a money bank they can use.

Money Bank

Image Source: I Can Teach My Child

67. Make a wall clock from a paper plate

A perfect activity for somewhat older kids which will keep them interested, builds concentration and ultimately make them create something useful.


Image Source: eKunji

68. Make a beautiful house from thermocol

Thermocol is an amazing DIY material and the kids would love to learn how to use it to make a house. (Video)

Thermocol House

Image Source: Melinda Janice

69. Unique balloon lantern

Make the most awesome balloon lantern using a balloon, paper and glue.


Image Source: Instructables

70. Show off by making balloon animals

An activity to make the kids learn about animals and have fun at the same time. Teach your kids how to make balloon animals and let them show them off to friends.You can get balloons from here.

Balloon Sword

Image Source: About

71. Simple DIY Soft Toys to cherish and cuddle

Get together with the kids to make simple soft toys that they will love to make and cuddle. You can get a DIY kit here.

DIY Toys

Image Source: Sew Mama Sew

72. Make a simple periscope

Let your children become undercover agents or spies by showing them an easy way to make a periscope and add it to their spy gear.


Image Source: Savvy Homemade

73. Vegetable printing to make beautiful designs and paintings

The kids will love to experiment with vegetable printing and create something wonderful.

Vegetable Prints

Image Source: Artsy Craftsy Mom

74. DIY Pen / Pencil Holder

A simple and useful DIY activity for kids. Guide them to make a beautiful pen or pencil holder with popsicle sticks.

Pen Stand

Image Source: Insturctables

75. Glass painting to make colorful candle stands

The kids can try their hand at glass painting using paints and paint brushes and light candles inside to give colorful glows.

Candle Stand

Image Source: Unoriginal Mom

76. Make a paper garland

A fun activity which is easy to arrange for and the kids will enjoy.

Paper Garland

Image Source: Tinker Lab

77. Engrave your initials on a tree

Not a favorite activity but you can do this as a one off if you have a big and strong tree in your own property and create a memory for the kids when they get older.

Carve Initials

Image Source: Built by Kids

78. A wish list for Santa

Make a wishlist of 20 things with drawings for Santa. Of course, how would Santa know unless he sees what your wish looks like 🙂

Christmas Wishlist

Image Source: Mom it Forward

79. Surprise toy swap

Kids always fight over each others toys. Make it official. Ask them to gift wrap and swap toys and monitor every item so that all kids are happy.

Toy Swap

80. Candy making for kids

Who doesn’t love candies? All kids do and candy making is an activity which will keep them engaged and excited for a good amount of time.

Candy Making

Image Source: Hungry Happenings

81. Grape juice competition

Make the kids crush grapes with their feet by stomping on them and whoever makes more juice wins. (Video)

Grape Stomping

Image Source: Insider’s Italy

82. Make a Rubber Band Guitar

Making a rubber band guitar is easy and all you need is a shoe box and some rubber bands.

Rubber Band Guitar

Image Source: WikiHow

83. Make a bow and arrow

A basic bow and arrow can be made using pvc pipes. Something that the kids will be able to do easily and will be a lot of fun to play afterwards.

Bow and Arrow

Image Source: Skip to my Lou

84. Create a flip book animation

Show a flip book to the kids for the first time and they will be awestruck. Flip books are easy to draw and you would be surprised to see how creative the kids can get.

Flipbook Animation

Image Source: Make

85. Shoe craft for kids

There are a number of ways in which kids can decorate and revive an old pair of shoes. Encourage the kids to try this out.

Shoe Decoration

Image Source: MollyMoo

86. Water Xylophone

Help the kids make their own xylophone using mason jars, water and chopsticks.

Water Xylophone

Image Source: Teaching Mama

87. Make a Castle with Cards, Glasses or Cans

Show the kids how to arrange cards, glasses or cans together to form a pyramid and ask them to make the tallest castles.

Card Castle

Image Source: Instructables

88. Identify constellations and shapes in the night sky

Teach kids about constellations and spot them out in the open in the night sky.

Star Gazing

89. Make a flying Chinese lantern and launch it after dark

One of the most wonderful lessons for kids where they start to understand how hot air balloons work. The feeling of accomplishment of creating their first flying object is unparalleled. What comes afterwards are endless stories of where the balloon will land and how wonderful the person receiving it will feel. You can add a flavor to this activity by writing nice messages on the flying lanterns for the person who will receive it.


Flying Lantern

Image Source: Aditi Odyssey

90. Make a healthy teddy bear toast

Kids don’t like eating the same things for breakfast and one way to really make them excited about breakfast is by making shapes out of food. Making a sandwich teddy bear is one such simple idea.

Teddy Bear Toast

Image Source: MinieCo

91. Make simple creative braided yarn dolls that little girls love

Yarn Dolls

Image Source: The Craft Train

92. Every kid loves a super-hero cape

Make a flauntable superhero cape with a t-shirt and some velcro.

Super Hero Cape

Image Source: You Brew My Tea

93. DIY fridge magnets for kids

Fridge Magnet

Image Source: Happy Hooligans

94. Paper spinners or whirleygigs for hours and hours of fun

We’ve all played with paper spinners as kids. What’s amazing is how simple they are to make.

Paper Spinner

Image Source: Make and Takes

95. Straw building

Create wonderful shapes by attaching sipper straws one after another. It soon turns into a colorful abstract circular shape. You will need straws with flexi necks.

Straw Building

Image Source: A Girl and A Glue Gun

96. Make a superhero parachute and see the figurines glide down

Younger boys love playing with super-heroes’ figurines. What better than making the superhero fly down from the first floor on a parachute?

Superhero Parachute

97. Make a string cup telephone and teach the kids how sound travels

Probably the simplest yet uber cool kids home activity is to make a string cup telephone and let the kids enjoy speaking with each others in whispers. Make sure the strings are straight for voice to travel.

String Cup Telephone

Image Source: Tinker Lab

98. Homemade candles from beeswax

Use beeswax ready made kit to create beautiful candles or use beeswax to make jar candles.

Beeswax Candle

Image Source: Playful Learning

99. Power a light and fan using Solar evergy

Make kids learn the power of solar energy by powering a light and fan.

Solar Kits

Image Source: NRR Power

100. Know your solar system

Kids see the Sun everyday and this little kit puts things in perspective with a physical solar system model.

Solar Kit

101. Make a dinosaur hat and make them go arghh!

Kids love dressing up as dinosaurs: What better way than a self made dinosaur hat to make them run around the house happy.

Dinosaur Hat

Image Source: Cutting Tiny Bites

Do let me know if these helped and if you tried any of the above with your kids? Would love to know if you have any other tricks up your sleeves to manage the kids. Share with me in the comments section below or .

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